R35 GT-R MFD対応Android BOX


R35 GT-RのMFDに対応した、android boxの検証を行います。


この商品で何ができるかといいますと、MFDにandroid boxの画面を出すことができます。Google Playのアプリをインストールして表示させることができるというわけです。


YouTubeや、音楽はspotifyなど対応、その他のものはこれから検証しますが、Google PlayのアプリはAll Supportなので、大丈夫のような気がします。






1.Support 4k video play.

2.Support 2 way video output.

3.Support high quality music (WAV etc ).

4.Fully plug & play!

5.Mirrorlink (Android & iOS device).

6.On line map(Google/waze)

7.Online YouTube random play and browsing, no limits.

8.Support TV input, outside video input, sound and image synchronise HD display.

9.Download any apps from Google play store and play, no need to worry about internal massive storage space.

10.Origin car mic voice command system, automatic detective.

11.DVR/ADAS (USB video recorder, support storage and play, ADAS support track deviations, car ignition alarming, distance and speed remind), it's a optional accessory, have to fit with our side DVR.

12.Switch by origin accessory, from AUX to Android, for non AUX version, long press the off phone button to switch to Android system. You could also switch different

music track and volume by steering wheel.

13.Android OS: we use knob, mouse or touchpad to control every part of system, the system could also be operate by resistive and capacitive touch screen with multi fingers

14.Highlight function: random map setting is supported, front rear left right cameras signal input is supported, Lexus origin rear view system is supported, could activate side view camera by turning steering wheel or turning light. Install and uninstall apps, MCU cloud update and other features.


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